Before The Bottomline: a Dialogue Between the Administration and the Student Leaders) ended, the Supreme Student Council President Paolo Coquilla was requested to give out the closing remarks. And what a short yet meaningful punch he said that the faculty and staff who heard it, shook their heads in agreement.

He first thanked his co-students (which by the way filled the DNSC-AVR last November 16, 2016) and reminded them, “we are also the stakeholders of this institution, so we should not just observe and stay in the corner.”

True enough, more than ten questions and concerns, and a lot more in the assemblies that came after were brought up to the management, represented by Dr. Jo Mark Libre (Dean, OSS), Engr. Reir Erlinda Cutad (Dean, IT), Prof. Nancy Raiz (Dean, IEd), Mr. Joven Sepe (Budget Officer), Prof. Glenne Lagura, Prof. Edna Valiente, Prof. Mercedita Floro, and Ms. Paulina Baba (Librarian). The concerns raised varied from the administrative, internet and social media, to the school’s academic services.

In the morning, the Office of the Student Services conducted a General Assembly and recap of policies for the second semester in the school gymnasium. It was followed by the Dialogue, then the Dormers and Scholars’ Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar and General Assembly, which were attended by Ms. Kristine Arriola (Student Discipline Coordinator), Ms. Florida Cerbo (Dormitory Coordinator), and Ms. Josiedel Santamaria (Scholarship Coordinator).

Prof. Edna Valiente (Program Chairperson, IEd) encouraged the OSS to make this kind of activities as often as possible. She emphasized the value of being able to hear and help students out, most specially that the college is really established for them.

The event became productive mainly because of the bravery of the students who spoke up and had the confidence to articulate what they think were the problems of the institution. (end, CNL)

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