Last October 13 – 14, 2016, Dr. Joy Picar, head of DNSC Planning and Information Office, presented the local evaluation results for SUC Levelling to the Regional Evaluation Committee (REC) that was fronted by the Commission on Higher Education Regional (CHED) Director Raul Alvarez, PASUC Representative Anthony Penaso, and Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Regional Director Gary Martel. After the presentation and evaluation, DNSC was assessed to have accomplished the requirements and standards set for the Level IV category. Documents will be submitted to the National Evaluation Committee in Manila for the finalization and confirmation of the improvement of its present Level II standing.

Full support in the REC Evaluation at the CHED Regional Office were Dr. Jonathan Bayogan (President), Dr. Rosie Lynn Tejada (Research, Extension and Production Director), Prof. Lemuel Cardona, Prof. Josiedel Santamaria, and Mr. Joven Sepe (Budget Officer).

Levelling is a performance assessment tool that makes sure SUCs strive for improvement and development every year. It is governed by three principles – Movement towards outcomes, Alignment with ASEAN standards, and Alignment with Typology-based Quality Assurance (DBM-CHED Joint Circular No. 1, s 2016). This framework encourages SUCs to extend their programs to the community, be at par with other academic institutions from the neighboring countries while still representing its declared goals and values.

The categorization ranges from Level I to V, with V as the highest. This institutional assessment is also grounded to these four key result areas on performance – quality and relevance of instruction, research capability and output, services to the community and management of resources. The accreditation serves as an inspiration for both faculty and staff to perform their best for the benefit of the students and the institution. (end, CNL)

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