Faculty Profile

Joyly Jill Apud
-AB Political Science
-Master in Public Administration
Kenny Allan P. Benigno
-BSE English
-Master in Business Administration
Edison Q. Bernaldez
-BSE History
Bonita P. Cantere
-AB Psychology
-Master in Psychology (CAR)
Chris Lloyd A. Ceniza
-AB Philosophy
-MA in Philosophy
Marichielo Paula Funa
-AB Psychology
-Master in Guidance Counseling
-Master of Science in Psychology(CAR)
Marilou D. Junsay
-BSE English
-Master of Education- Language Teaching
-Ph.D Educational Management
Glenne B. Lagura
-BS in Information Technology
-Master Public Administration
-Doctor in Public Administration (units)
Junry R. Lanoy
-AB Philosophy
-MA in Philosophy
Jo Mark M. Libre
-AB Political Science
-Master of Arts in Political Science
-Doctor of Public Administration
Josiedel C. Santamaria
-BS in Psychology
-MA in Guidance and Counselling
Edgardo M. Santos
-AB General Science
-Master of Arts in Education
-Ph.D in Educational Management


Undergraduate Program

  • Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA)


Graduate Program

  • Master in Public Administration in consortium with MUST