office of the vice-president for academic and research


  • Carrying out the educational policies and programs of the Institution and in promoting supervising instruction-based research and other academic activities of the faculty;
  • Develop and implement of academic and related programs;

 Services Offered

• Coordinate the planning and preparation of the proposed annual budget of the different institutes and units in the instructional program, propose the same to the University/College Budget Committee;

• Coordinate with the Research, Extension and Production Unit of the Institution in promoting research, extension, and production activities of the Institutes;

• Serve as ex-officio chairman of all standing and/or Ad Hoc Committee which shall study/conduct regular faculty appraisal on performance ratings;

• Upon consultation with the Institute Deans and other academic offices/units under his supervision; and

• Administer the overall execution of policies on instruction formulated by higher authorities

• Represent academic programs in the Administrative Council, and other top-level offices or in the office of the President of the Institution, as the case may be;

• Promote harmonious interaction between and among the faculty and staff of the program through regular faculty conferences and Directors/Dean’s Council meetings;

• Establish and recommend for approval by higher authorities a reward system to maintain/boost faculty morale;

• Represent the academic programs of the University/College from within and without, as the Vice-President for Academic Program. As such, he shall continuously cause the promotion and the development of noteworthy academic standards commensurate to those of a University/College via regular consultation with outside agencies/institutions programs similar to his own; with his college deans/directors on how best, under the circumstances, the academic programs can be improved; and the department chairman and faculty on how the academic activities can be carried out in the best interest of students; and with the students on how best their talents can be harnessed for development;

• Submit a regular memorandum of work progress to the President; and

• Exercise such other powers and perform such other functions as may be delegated to him/her by the President.

Organizational Chart

Girley S. Gumanao

Vice-President for Academic and Research

Ellen A. Dealagdon

Administrative Aide III