Tuition and Fees

Socialized Tuition and Other Fees For Freshmen/ Transferees

S.Y 2015- 2016

Approved by the Board of Trustees as per BOT Res. No. 12, Series 2013 dated February 7, 2013


1. Bracket A– Freshmen/ Transferees enrolled inBachelor of Science in Fisheries, Bachelor of Science in Food Technology, Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, Bachelor in Public Administration


  • Family Monthly Income not more than ‘Php 7,000.00
  • High School GPA not lower than 85
  • OLSAT Stanine not lower than
No tuition, Only Miscellaneous
2. Bracket B- Freshmen/ Transferees enrolled in BSE, BSFi, BSFT, BSMB, BPA, and BSIT who do not belong to either Bracket A or Bracket C Php 200.00/ unit
3. Bracket C– Freshmen/ Transferees enrolled in BSIT whose Family Monthly Income is more than Php 25, 000.00Note:1. All Bracket A students need to apply and submit the following requirements:

  • Income Tax Return (ITR) or
  • Barangay Certification of Tax Exemption / Low Income

2. All BSIT students are required to submit ITR

Php 250.00/ unit
1. Athletics/ Sports Development Fee Php 325.00
2. Computer Laboratory Fee (per course) Php 506.25
3. Cultural Fee Php 250.00
4. Electronic Library Fee Php 250.00
5. Guidance Fee Php 30.00
6. Science Laboratory Fee

a. General Laboratory

b. Science Course with Laboratory


Php 50.00

Php 250.00


7. Library Fee Php 600.00
8. Matriculation Fee Php 10.00
9. Medical Fee Php 40.00
10. Recognition Fee Php 20.00
11. Test Paper Php 20.00
12. Energy Fee Php 250.00
13. Development Fee Php 500.00
14. JEEP Laboratory Fee (Course with JEEP) Php 1,200.00
15. NSTP Php 60.00
16. I.D Card with Cord Php 80.00
17. Fines for late enrollment (+Php 10.00 per day) Php 20.00
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