Davao del Norte State College is offering the following baccalaureate programs:

Institute of Education

  • Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd), Majors in:
    • Biological Sciences
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Technology and Livelihood Education
  • Special Programs
    • Certificate in Physical Education
    • Certificate in Pre-School Education

Institute of Aquatic and Applied Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (BSFi), Ladderized, Clusters in:
    • Aquaculture
    • Fish Processing
    • Marine Fisheries
  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology (BSMB)
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Technology (BSFT)

Institute of Information Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), Ladderized

Institute of Management, Governance and Continuing Studies

  • Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA)