To “educate” derives from the Latin word educatus that means “to bring up or rare a child” and is related to the French word educere or “to bring out and lead forth” ( These words are tied to some serious amount of responsibility.

They involve shaping how we think and see things, how we interpret and express ourselves, and eventually how we live and be. This delicate task of “educating”, although can take other forms aside from that of a classroom setting, mainly falls on the hands of our teachers.

Despite the uninviting weight of the job, DNSC salutes all brave individuals who still choose teaching as their lifelong profession. The college is beyond proud to contribute every year to the pool of new educators through the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Three (3) first-time takers and ten (10) repeaters from DNSC are included in the list of passers in the recent March 2017 LET Result. The college’s passing percentage is 29.55%, above the 25.46% national passing percentage on the exam for secondary teachers.

The college is in awe to the confidence displayed by its first-time takers, and the courage of its repeaters for simply not stopping at failures.

Before we flip our calendars to June, the Commission on Higher Education has announced the fresh list of faculty scholars for the incoming semester of the Academic Year 2017 – 2018. Sixteen (16) members of the college are set to continue their studies through various Master’s and Doctorate Programs in the schools of their choice.

The education system takes a new course in strengthening its Faculty Development, encouraging all teachers to not stop from learning. Instead of making it as a phase, gaining knowledge now becomes a lifetime process. This aims to change not just the mold of teachers but the country’s human resource as well.

Rogelio Masangkay, Czarina Lanes, Chris Ceniza, Elmer Namoc, and Laarni Cantero will proceed to a Master’s Program aligned to their undergraduate courses, while Grace Guanzon, Ariel Gamao, Marianne Rebortera, Hazel Gameng, Ian delos Reyes, Michael Andam, Mercedita Floro, Leonida Piorac, Melissa Dalumay, Reir Cutad, and Cyril Ranara will start to work for their Doctorate Degree this June.

DNSC is in transition this year, alongside with all universities and colleges, with the shift of its academic calendar and the last year of preparation before the pilot K+12 graduates come in for college. The Commission on Higher Education instructed all tertiary institutions to modify their program offerings and curriculum to sync in with the implementation of the “Enhanced Basic Act of 2013”.

There is clearly a lot of work to do. But amidst all the hustle and bustle, one thing is unchangeable, the students’ welfare and development should be the center of the system’s plans and actions. The education system better works when students are considered not just as numbers or statistics, but as human beings who are capable of great things.

The college looks beyond the tasks that need to be done. It will continue to send out faculty members to schooling and will conduct reviews for LET – all for the students and for their future. (end, CNL)