PANABO CITY – Results for the March 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) were released last April 29, 2022, twenty-five working days after the exam was administered. For the secondary level, 7,809 secondary teachers out of 18,717 examinees successfully passed the LET, resulting in a 41.72% National Passing Percentage for this batch.

There were ten total examinees from Davao del Norte State College, four first-time takers, and six repeaters. Out of the four first-time takers, three passed. Four also passed from the repeat takers, equating to seven total passers for the College. The overall performance rating was 70%, while the first-time taker’s performance was 75%. The repeater’s performance was 66.67%. All performance rates were above the national passing percentage.

The newly licensed teachers are Ruchadee Almero, Mark John Bernaldez, Shaira Baylosis, Abigail Castro, Sarrah Mae Labayan, Mark Laurence Pangantihon, and Juzae Zaragoza. The next LET examination is set to be given on June 26, 2022.