Guidance, Counseling and Testing

The Office of the Guidance, Counseling and Testing is committed to accompanying students on their journey to a deeper understanding and better awareness of the self by providing carefully structured psycho-educational programs and an accepting environment.

E-Guidance Services

The Guidance, Counseling and Testing has an active and accessible Facebook page where students can message anytime. The page regularly shares and posts wellness-related messages and illustrations.

The office also facilitates PASINATI or general student orientation every semester to help

The students navigate through the first few weeks of school. Other student development and academics services are invited in the orientation.

Telecounseling, Consulting and Testing


Faculty, DNSC employees, students and parents may refer a student, friend, classmates, daughter or son for telecounseling.


This is when a client wants to converse with a Guidance Counselor through online platforms or phone call. This can also be the administering of online personality test, career inventory, emotional quotient test and the likes. A client may set an appointment for testing and interpretation.

Steps to secure an online referral appointment:

  • Fill-out the Appointment Form using this link
  • Wait for a confirmation text from the Guidance Personnel.
  • For Telecounseling, the Guidance Counselor will send the Informed Consent and the Counseling Information Form to the student through e-mail or messenger.
  • The student will send back the filled-out forms.
  • Guidance Personnel will conduct the service.
  • Follow-up if applicable.

The office provides Short Courses/Modular Trainings/Self-Help Toolkits like Mental Health, Effective Study Habits, and Stress Management. These will be given to interested students in an asynchronous mode. Students can go through these courses at their own time and pace. Then, they will be given certificates of completion after finishing the course. This is available in the  DNSC Learning Management System (LMS) – Guidance and the DNSC website.

Group guidance activities will also be given to students who will signify their interest to attend in various topics like Mindfulness Exercises, 3K Sessions, Self-Awareness, Conflict Management and more. Activities will be given to those identified students who need intervention and support. Other activities include Remote Psychological First Aid and Webinars.

Individual Inventory

The office gathers data of the students through the cumulative record in the Integrated Academic Information Management System (IAIMS). The data can be used for counseling, needs assessment, research and placement of the students. Likewise, it will give the counselor a clearer picture of the students’ growth and development. The Data Privacy Act is being complied with.

Research and Evaluation

The data is used by the OGCT for research and is made available to students, faculty, staff, and other school officials who wish to conduct research with it. The Data Privacy Act was adhered to. Likewise, in order to review and enhance its service, the office also evaluates its programs and services.

Other Programs and Advocacies
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Bully-Proof Campaign
  • Peer Facilitators
  • Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention
  • Anak OFW



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