We will never get tired of becoming better!

After a series of preparations; bench-marking, training, orientation, internal audit, mock audit, and the most recent, 2-day External Audit, DNSC is just an inch away from completing its re-certification of ISO 9001:2015. All the hard work paid off!

External Auditors from AJA Registrars, Inc. have announced their findings this afternoon and they will recommend the College for the Quality Management System Certification.

As expounded by President Jon Bayogan during the opening program, ISO Certification is an effective “implementation guide and instrument for Good Governance”. It is an instrument for DNSC to achieve its vision of becoming a “Premier Institution of Higher Learning” through “Inclusive Stakeholders, Responsive Core Processes, Competent and Empowered People, and Effective Use of Resources”.

Simply put, the College is fixing its internal processes to be more efficient and to ensure quality in all its services. This will benefit the management, the faculty and staff, and most importantly, the students, the community and other stakeholders.