PANABO CITY – After more than a year of conducting it virtually, Davao del Norte State College resumed to face-to-face flag raising ceremony on July 25, 2022 (Monday). All college personnel who were scheduled to report on the said date wore the new agency uniform and flocked the administration building grounds at 8 o’clock in the morning.

The activity proved the readiness of the College to re-establish its operational practices which were temporarily halted due to the pandemic while still finding innovative ways to thrive in the new normal. It was made even more special with the attendance of Director Nelly L. Esperanza, Field Director of the Civil Service Commission Tagum Field office. She handed over the Certificate of Registration of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) between the College, the DNSC Faculty Association (DNSC-FA), and the DNSC General Administrative Support and Services Organization (DNSC-GASSO).

She appreciated the dedication of DNSC employees to public service. She was beaming with pride as she mentioned that the College provides human resources to the fisheries sector, one of the most vital sectors in the country. The certification was received by DNSC-FA president Jean D. Centina, DNSC-GASSO president Jinnah T. Enumerables, on behalf of their members, and College President Joy M. Sorrosa.

Pres. Sorrosa mentioned that she was glad that finally, the College is able to resume some of its on-site activities. She also reiterated her philosophy that the most productive employees are those who are happy and healthy, and that she is committed to maintaining a positive work environment for everyone. One of the highlights of her announcements is the update on the DNSC extension campuses, whose establishment was enacted into law recently.