The Kalibulung Festival, as it did throughout the years, gathered the four institutes of Davao del Norte State College to once again showcase the students’ potentials and skills in Literary, Socio-Cultural, and Sports.

The celebration was inaugurated with a parade traversing downtown Panabo City at sunrise. It was then followed by a mass and fellowship gathering. The formal opening program started at 9:30 in the morning, and was graced by the representative of Gov. Edwin Jubahib, Provincial Youth and Sports Development Office Head Giovanni Gulanes, Representative of Vice Mayor Janrey Gavina, Atty. Jamail Macla, and College President Joy Sorrosa.

In between the heartfelt messages, the institutes were proud as they salute to their banners during the Saludo and the lighting of the torch, headed by their presidents. The official theme song of Kalibulung 2019 was also launched. The crowd was on their feet as they bounced to the rhythm of the originally composed song performed by the DNSC Band.

The energy of the DNSC community was further intensified during the Cheerdance and Bench Yelling Competitions. The Institute of Aquatic and Applied Sciences Marlins stayed true to the nature of their field by presenting an underwater spectacle. The freeing flight of the Institute of Education Eagles gave the audience goosebumps as they danced for equality and acceptance.

The Institute of Management, Governance, and Continuing Studies Lions showed the spectators the definition of excellence as they performed their cheerdancing masterpiece. Lastly, the Institute of Information Technology Foxes fought their claim for the gold as they delivered a Harley Quinn and Joker-inspired number.

The results of the morning events will be announced on the last day of the festival. Different sports activities will commence at 1:00 in the afternoon.