Most success stories of child wonders featured in television and magazines possess one common element – their success stems out from almost having nothing. This is also evident in valedictory speeches of many student scholars who have made a living out of their intelligence.

But these stories are about to take on a different course, as the Commission on Higher Education arrives at its final preparations for the implementation of R.A. 10931, also known as the “Universal Access for Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017”. The provision covers “all Filipino citizens who are either currently enrolled at the time of the effectivity of the Act, or shall enroll at any time thereafter.” (Rule 2, Section 4)

Financial Incapacity will no longer be an excuse to hinder students from attaining collegiate education. The provision includes No Tuition and Other Fees Collection policy. It has a funding mechanism of its own to sustain State Universities and Colleges. Davao del Norte State College believes that education is a right of every Filipino. It is about time to exercise this right without marginalization and stringent selection.

However, there are mentioned exceptions – (1) students who already obtained an undergraduate degree, (2) students who failed in the college’s admission and retention policies, (3) students who fail to complete their bachelor’s degree within a year after the prescribed period, and (4) students who opt-out or voluntarily contribute to the school.
The Zonal Orientation on the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of R.A. 10931 was organized by CHED last December 4, 2017 at Davao City, inviting all SUCs within the region. DNSC is now on the process of completing all necessary requirements and is targeting to accomplish them before the Academic Year 2018-2019 starts.

Davao del Norte State College looks forward to the fulfillment of its mandate, that is to provide higher education to all, regardless of status and differences. The stories of the student scholars will not lack plot motivations and twists after the realization of this Act, but will only help them finish a chapter – their college experience. (end, CNL)

*The full-length copy of the Act is available in PH’s Official Gazette.