Please be guided with your respective date and time of campus visit as indicated in the list of every photo. Just approach the scholarship coordinator or staff upon entering the college.Requirements upon entering the college:a. School ID;b. Photocopy of School ID w/ updated validation sticker/ A4 Bond Paper;c. QR code; d. Face Mask;e. Face Shield;f. Ballpen For students who cannot come physically, you may send an authorized representative on your behalf. Requirements for authorized representative:a. Authorization Letter;b. Special Power of Attorney;c. School ID Photocopy w/ updated validation sticker/A4 Bond Paper (student);d. ID Photocopy (authorized person);e. QR code;f. Face mask;g. Face shield;h. BallpenNOTE: You don’t need to set an appointment and you are not allowed to enter the college if it is not your schedule.Be safe and God bless you. 🎉😇