The Student scholarship program of Davao del Norte State College aims to support quality higher education w/c shall be awarded to any student who has exhibited academic excellence in has studied.

The Scholarship Committee is headed by the Scholarship Coordinator and composed of Program Chairperson of the Institute where the student belongs, College Nurse, Dormitory Manager and SSC President as members.

Implementing and Procedural Guidelines

1. Any student who qualifies in any of the scholarship grants shall apply to the scholarship committee.

2. He or She must present his/her grade certified by the registrar and a recommendation letter coming from the Division Chairman where he/she belongs.

3. The Scholarship Committee shall screen, evaluate and review the documents submitted by the applicant.

4. An applicant shall be notified if he/she qualifies for the scholarship grant applied for.

5. All qualified applicants shall be endorsed by the committee to the College President for approval.

6. A list of scholars and grantees shall be publicized on the bulletin board for further dissemination.

Grounds for Disqualification

1. He/She violates DNSC Policies, Rules, and Regulations and has been sanctioned for suspension.

2. He/She has not consistently performed his/her duties/responsibilities as required, subject to the recommendation of the Coach/Trainer/Office Heads.

Implementing Rules and Regulations on Free Higher Education

R.A. 10931 (Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017)

Eligible Students

(a) The students must be qualified the existing admission and retention policy of the SUCS or CHED-recognized LUCs, or qualified under any other future qualification policies that the UbiFAST Board may mandate; and

(b) that the students are officially enrolled in SUCS and CHED-recognized LUCS.

Exceptions to Free HE

(a) Students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree or comparable undergraduate degree from any public or private HEI;

(b) Students who fail to complete their bachelor’s degree or comparable undergraduate degree within a year after the period prescribed in their program;

1. Provided further, that in the case of shifters and transferees, any semester wherein the student has availed the benefits of Free Higher Education will be subtracted from the expected duration of the current program in which the student is enrolled; merit the

2. Provided finally, that the SUCS and LUCS shall decide on the case that availing of Free             Higher Education.

Entitlement of Free HE

               Free Tuition Fees and Misc. Fees (Admission Fees, Athletic Fees, Computer Fees, Cultural Fees, Development Fees, Entrance Fees, Guidance Fees, Handbook Fees, Laboratory Fees, Library Fees, Medical and Dental Fees, Registration Fees and School ID Fees.

Internally Funded Scholarship and Financial Grants:

  1. Academic Scholarship


           1.  He/She Must be enrolled in the college and at least a resident of 1 semester.

           2. With a GPA of 1.75 and without a grade of 2.5 or lower in all academic subjects.

           3. With a full load number of units prescribed in the curriculum

Documentary Requirements:

            -Recommendation letter from respective Program Chairperson.

            -Certificate of Rating from the College Registrar.

Monthly Stipend: PhP 300.00 for 2nd Honors and PhP 500.00 for 1st Honors.

  1. Grant-In-Aids for Socio-Cultural and Sports


           1. He or She must be enrolled of at least 75% of the regular load required in a particular semester,

           2. Strictly no failure in any of the subjects enrolled in his/her curriculum.

Documentary Requirements:

            -Recommendation letter from the coach and signed by Socio-Cultural and Sports Coordinator.

            -Certificate of Rating from the College Registrar

Benefit: Free Dormitory

             3. Student Assistant/Labor should complete fill in the application form from the Office of Student Services. He/She must render a maximum of 4 working hours per day. Benefit: PhP 10.00 per Hour

Externally Funded Scholarship and Financial Grants:

  1. Academic Scholarship Program (Davao del Norte)
  2. Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF)
  3. AOF Foundation Scholarship
  4. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Scholarship
  5. CHED Full-Merit/Full SSP
  6. CHED Half-Merit/Half SSP
  7. CHED Tulong-Dunong
  9. Compostela Valley Scholarship Program (CVSP)
  10. Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship
  11. Iskolar ng Bayan (Carmen)
  12. Iskolar ng Lungsod ng Panabo
  13. Life Bank Foundation Scholarship
  14. Panabo City Educational Grant/TVEG
  15. Study Grant for Indigenous People and Muslim of Panabo City
  16. Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES)

  Basic Documentary Requirements:

  1. Application Form (depends on the scholarship and financial grant applied)
  2. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of No Income from the BIR.
  3. Certified True Copy of Reports Card from Grade 11 and 12.

  Note: If already enrolled in the college please submit certificate of grades/rating from the previous 2 semesters.

  1. Certificate of Good Moral
  2. Certificate of Residency or Brgy. Certificate