In the middle of handling classes, preparing instructional materials and performing other institutional duties, faculty members rectify their force as they elect new set of officers for the Faculty Association. Last April 10, 2018, nine* officers have taken oath in front of DNSC President Jonathan Bayogan and have pledged service to its members and the College.

The set of officers include President Kenny Allan Benigno, Secretary General Junry Lanoy, Secretary Jonilyn Tejada, Treasurer Sevetrim Torrejos, Auditor Daniel Fritz Silvallana, Public Information Officer Elmer Namoc* and Board of Directors; Sabar Hasan, John Rae Duran, Marianne Rebortera and Jude Magdayao. The position of Vice-President is temporarily vacant due to the election results. All officers garnered more than half of the votes from the existing pool of faculty who are eligible to vote. The election was conducted last April 4, 2018 by an electoral board, chaired by Mr. Ian Somosot.

During the oath-taking ceremony, President Bayogan reiterated the important role that the Faculty Association has to play to help DNSC move forward, especially in a transition stage. In his congratulatory remarks, he said, “I am happy that all of you have volunteered to serve the College. I hope for the best for this association and for my successor.” By the end of this year, DNSC will welcome a new president and the faculty force will be represented in the selection process. (end, CNL)

*PIO Elmer Namoc wasn’t able to attend the ceremony because of familial obligations