Online Registration & Entrance Exam Scheduling Process

  1. Take a front-facing photo of yourself for your Applicant ID photo. Observe a proper dress code and appropriate pose. Avoid heavy makeup.
  2. Check and make sure that you have a valid and active email address.
  3. Make sure to open this page in Google Chrome or any browser except Facebook Browser.
  4. Click this link: IAIMS Applicant Module
  5. Click ‘Online Application’.
  6. Click the ‘Apply Here’ button.
  7. Input the required information in the space provided and click the ‘Apply’ button.
  8. The system will send an Applicant Profile Verification code to your email.
  9. Type the code in the text box and click ‘Verify’.
  10. Read the Data Privacy Consent and click the tick box that applies to you. Click the ‘Agree and Continue’ button to proceed.
  11. Click the ‘Continue Application’ button to proceed. If you can’t proceed, try to log out and log in again using the credentials. If it does not work, send an email to
  12. Select the Department Type that applies to you: (College for BS programs, Doctorate, Masters).
  13. Select three (3) preferred courses. The first option is your most preferred course. Click the ‘Save and Continue’ button.
  14. Input all the required information in the provided fields of the application form.
  15. Click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to proceed to the next tab. Complete all the necessary information in each tab. Input ‘NA’ in the email for parents if there is none.
  16. Click ‘Applicant Photo’ to upload your photo.
  17. Disregard the ‘Upload required documents’ section. You will upload your documents during the Admission Period. 
  18. Click ‘Submit Application’ once you’re done with the editing of your details and uploading of Applicant Photo.
  19. A dialog box will appear containing your Applicant’s account details. This will also be emailed to you.
  20. Click ‘Continue’.
  21. If the system requires you to change your password, do so.
  22. Click the ‘Admission Test Schedule’.
  23. In the drop-down box, select your preferred entrance examination schedule and click ‘Save’.
  24. Click the ‘Sign-out’ button once you are done. Always do this to avoid log-in problems.