admission requirements

A. Freshmen

  • Report Card
  • Birth Certificate – PSA authenticated
  • NSO – Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Self-Certification Form
  • Vaccine Card

B. Transferees

  • Certificate of Honorable Dismissal (CHD)
  • Transcript of Records (for evaluation purposes)
  • Birth Certificate – PSA authenticated
  • NSO – Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Self-Certification Form
  • Vaccine Card

C. Returning Students

  • Student’s Clearance
  • Certificate of Rating/Grades or Evaluation Sheet from the Registrar’s Office or thru IAIMS
  • Written Permission of Enrollment (Issued by the dean or Program Chairperson)
  • Approved Leave of Absence (LOA), if applicable
  • Self-Certification Form
  • Vaccine Card 

NOTE: Scan or take a photo of each document to be uploaded in the registration process. The maximum file size for each copy should not be more than 2MB.

Minimum Requirements

A bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized institution is required for admission to a master’s program or doctoral program, respectively.

For an applicant to a master’s program, he/she must a graduate of 4-year course from CHED recognized college or university with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or better, and for an applicant to a doctoral program, an applicant should have at least a GPA of 1.75 or better in the master’s program in a CHED’s recognized college or university.

Evidence of suitable background or its equivalent in the degree sought.

Other Requirements:

  • Original Copy of Transcript of Records
  • Honorable Dismissal
  • Accomplished Admission Form
  • Admission Fee
  • 2 pcs. each 2×2 ID-colored picture
  • Marriage Contract (for married enrollees)
  • NSO/PSA Birth Certificate
  • Self-Certification Form
  • 2 pcs. long brown envelope
  • Photocopy of Requirements
  • Vaccine Card

Admission Procedure

The student is required to prepare the following documents/items:

  • Certified true copies of Transcript of Records for the Registrar’s Office;
  • One (1) pc. 2×2 ID pasted to application forms for GS and another one (1) pc of (2×2) a with name at the back of the picture for the Registrar’s Office;
  • Certificate of Transfer Credentials/Honorable Dismissal for the Registrar’s Office (required
    only for non-DNSC alumnus). Present a promissory note that the same be submitted within a month after regular enrolment, if not yet submitted;
  • Secure billing statement from the program coordinator and pay at the Cashier’s Office.
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate (for married women) and submit to the Registrar’s Office.

Once the above documents/items are prepared, the student should accomplish the following:

  •  Fill up a set of “Application for Admission to a Graduate Program” forms and submit these, together with items 1-5 above, to the Program Coordinator;
  • The Dean or the Program Coordinator evaluates the application and interviews applicant;
  • The Program Coordinator signs the forms and endorses the application documents to the Dean of Graduate Studies;
  • The GS Dean signs the set of application forms. Copy of the Admission is attached to the application documents;
  • The set of the application documents is filed at the Office of Graduate Studies.
    The Student fills up an enrollment form and proceeds to the Accounting Office, Cashier’s, and Registrar’s office, respectively.

Enrolment Procedure

A typical enrolment procedure is conducted as follows:

  • Get clearance form from the Office of the Graduate School (for old students only)and have them duly signed by the respective offices;
  • Go to Graduate Program Adviser for Enrollment/Registration Form and Advising (for new students: Admission and the Application documents must be duly accomplished );
  • Have your courses evaluated and assessed by the Accounting Officer;
  • Pay tuition and other fees at the Cashier Office;
  • Go to the Program Coordinator and Graduate Dean for signatures in your Enrollment forms;
  • Submit the following documents enclosed in a long brown envelope to the college registrar:
  1. Original Copies of Certificate of Transfer Credential/Honorable Dismissal from last school attended (only for non-DNSC alumnus)
  2. Xerox copy of Marriage Contract (for married women);
  3. Two (2) pcs. 2×2 pictures with the name at the back;
  4. Duly filled and signed enrollment forms; and
  5. Official Receipt of Payment from the Cashier’s Office
  6. Self-Certification Form
  • Secure student’s class admission slip from the Registrar.

School Fees (For Local Students)

Tuition Fee …………………………………..P300/unit (MS); P400/unit (Ph.D.)
Miscellaneous ………………………………P3,850