Levi Martinez – Personnel In Charge, Guidance Counselor

The following activities are conducted annually: General Orientation; Value Orientation Seminar; Up dated Data Bank Filing of Student’s Individual Records; Testing Service; Counseling Service; Information Service (Career Orientation/Pre employment seminar); Placement assistance to graduates through extensive networking with prospective employers; Liaison with Alumni/Tracer Study. Individual Inventory Service

The guidance counselor maintains confidentiality in the filing system of regularly updated individual student profile by using individually sealed envelopes and properly locked vault.

Testing Service A systematic and continuing testing program is provided, with varied tests and evaluative tools that are used in the guidance/counseling services. Results are also readily available to the students to guide them in making decisions related to their academic life, and are also utilized in designing activities to meet students’ needs.

Counseling Service

The DNSC Guidance Office is staffed with one guidance counselor and two other BS in Psychology assistants adequate enough to meet the counselor-student ratio, as required by the guidance counselor through coordination with the faculty concerned.

Information Service Annually, the Guidance office conducts career guidance seminar for educational guidance, pre employment seminar for graduating students, and other social information for all levels as needed. Information is also up-to-date, organized, and well disseminated through seminars, symposia, and room to room dissemination.

Placement and Follow-Up Services

Each Program in every Institute of the College through its own coordinator provides the “on-the job-training” placement services through linkages with industries related to the specialization of prospective graduates. Though these linkages with industries are not done through the guidance office, the guidance counselor also exerts efforts in establishing linkage with the Philippine Employment Service Office (PESO), and other means.

Communication with the alumni is also being maintained for information about employability of graduates, and for their annual assembly and involvement with the College affairs, through a tracer study.