A Fixture, Despite the Changing Landscape of Education: DNSC Congratulates All LET March 2017 Passers and CHED Scholarship Grantees

To “educate” derives from the Latin word educatus that means “to bring up or rare a child” and is related to the French word educere or “to bring out and lead forth” (etymonline.com). These words are tied to some serious amount of responsibility.

They involve shaping how we think and see things, how we interpret and express ourselves, and eventually how we live and be. This delicate task of “educating”, although can take other forms aside from that of a classroom setting, mainly falls on the hands of our teachers. (more…)

Grind After Five: DNSC and its ISO Journey

In the Labor Code, an employee is expected to spend eight (8) hours a day in an office. The common scenario, especially in government institutions, is that work begins eight (8) in the morning and ends five (5) in the afternoon (extra hour is for noon break).

However, employees are entitled to receive compensations if they have worked overtime or if they are badly needed beyond working hours. One can think that overtime arrangements are normal and justifiable by their nature and compensations. This can be true. (more…)