A Social Science and Humanities Journal

aims and scope

The Mindanao Affairs: A Social Science and Humanities Journal is a local journal that holds a global perspective. It invites submissions from both local and international scholars whose research focuses on a wide range of political, social, cultural, and artistic issues that concern the Mindanao archipelago and its neighboring regions in Southeast Asia. The journal caters to scholars, policymakers, and practitioners who produce work that is both scholarly rigorous and accessible to a broader audience. Its primary objective is to become the preferred venue for disseminating research findings, analyses, and fresh concepts that are relevant to all disciplines in social sciences and humanities. Mindanao Affairs welcomes submissions on an extensive array of themes, including but not limited to indigenous peoples and upland communities; coastal resource governance; organizational and policy studies; education for sustainable development; media, communication, and language studies; leisure and tourism studies; disaster and humanitarian studies; business and entrepreneurship; social work and healthcare, among others. The journal aims to encourage a multidisciplinary approach to understanding Mindanao’s socio-cultural dynamics, bringing together diverse perspectives and promoting a greater appreciation for the region’s richness and diversity.