by: Shifra Angelina Dulay, PCNHS Intern

PANABO CITY – The Association for Friendship and Education Promotion (AFEP) delegates together with several officials and students from Davao del Norte State College convened for a collaborative meeting on Overseas Internship opportunities on May 8, 2024.

AFEP was represented by Mr. Andy Gui, Mr. Jiang Xiao,  Ms. Mao Yang, and Mr. Zha Min. They were joined by DNSC President Joy M. Sorrosa, Vice President for Academic Affairs Girley S. Gumanao, Institute of Aquatic and Applied Sciences (IAAS) Dean Rosie Lynn P. Tejada, Institute of Computing (IC) Dean Mark Van M. Buladaco, Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship and Good Governance (ILEGG) Dean Florie Ann L. Fermil, Institute of Teacher Education (ITED) Dean Arnold M. Duping, students form each Institute, personnel from the DNSC Internationalization Initiatives and External Affairs Office, as well as the participants present through the online Zoom Meeting platform.

During the discussion, AFEP offered Internship Programs related to hospitality, tourism management, nursing, education, and information technology courses in China, specifically in Jiangsu Province, alongside Scholarship, Degree, and One-Year Skill + Technology Programs.

Moreover, Mr. Andy Gui, Chief-of-Staff of AFEP stated, “Our Internship Program is not only for Internship,  it is a continuous program.” He emphasized that if the students show good performance, they can become enlisted to retain and continue their opportunity of working in China.

Before closing the discussion, AFEP proposed their incoming training, particularly on the language and cultural grounds of China on May 11, 2024.

The delegates and DNSC officials are hopeful to forge strong ties and establish new partnerships that will benefit the institution and its students in pursuit of success.