by: Shifra Angelina Dulay, PCNHS Intern

PANABO CITY – In a bid to start an international collaboration and exchange of services, Davao del Norte State College (DNSC) hosted an exploratory meeting with Calvin University of Korea on May 10, 2024, at the DNSC Gender and Development (GAD) Conference Room.

Led by Calvin University President Dr. Hwang Kun-Yung, the delegation comprised members including, Mrs. Lee Keun Soo, Rev. Kim Hyo Kyung, Rev. Inocencia Piliin, Rev. Erene Pastor, Mrs. Vivian Pastor, and Ms. Daisy Fuentes.

Dr. Joy M. Sorrosa, SUC President III of DNSC, warmly welcomed the delegation, “We are mandated to strengthen our internationalization efforts to provide more opportunities to our students, faculty members, and non-teaching personnel.”

Calvin University presented several academic offerings, such as, Theology, Pet Animal Management, Social Welfare and Counselling, Sports Coaching, and Global Cultural Management. They also shared that their primary goal is to make students’ dreams come true.

Dr. Hwang, President of the University, eagerly informed the attendees that they currently host 1,700 foreign students from 20 different countries, including Nepal, Mongolia, and Vietnam. He expressed his hope for students from the Philippines to consider studying at his institution in Korea, as it would provide opportunities for further education and future employment.

As a token of goodwill, the delegates presented DNSC officials with various Korean-made products, such as skin care items and customized goods. In return, DNSC shared their prepared tokens of appreciation with the visitors. With a strong commitment to enhancing global educational chances, this meeting marked the first step towards a promising partnership between DNSC and Calvin University.