PANABO CITY – The Inter-Agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee (IAEECC) commended Davao del Norte State College’s energy and fuel management, as well as its conservation practices, during the on-site evaluation on January 30, 2024. The committee’s representatives awarded the College a five-star rating with a numerical score of 92.8% (Grade A).

The College identified personnel who are tasked to focus on the lobbying and implementation of policies relevant to energy and fuel conservation. One of the measures that DNSC is currently implementing is the economical and responsible usage of air-conditioning units and other equipment, promoting both cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The result of the evaluation is a manifestation of DNSC’s commitment to environmental conservation.

The IAEECC oversees the compliance of public offices to the Government Energy Management Program (GEMP), with its regulatory authority vested in the Department of Energy’s Energy Utilization Management Bureau (DOE-EUMB).