PANABO CITY – The rehabilitation of Davao del Norte State College’s in-campus freshwater hatchery and the installation of a water system on the same site were officially completed this year. The completion was marked through a turnover ceremony and site blessing on October 5, 2023.

The hatchery has helped students and faculty members from the Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in their research and laboratory works over the years. With the upgrades, the freshwater hatchery can now serve as a hub for more research, extension, and production projects, especially on aquatic ecosystems, fish behavior, and water quality. The facility can also hold specialized tanks and equipment for controlled breeding experiments, fish genetic studies, and the maintenance of specific fish strains. The hatchery is also expected to become a hub for sustainable aquaculture practices, where researchers and the community can continue to learn from.

The rehabilitation and water system installation amounted to almost ten million. The scope of work included the drilling of a deep well as a supplementary water source, installation of a water system, installation of a water storage tank for the wet lab, Phycology laboratory, and other facilities in the area, pond detailing works, improvement of the drainage system, construction of the fence, signage, and gate, rehabilitation and extension of the Phycology laboratory, improvement of wet laboratory and storage room, mechanizing fishpond gates, and repair of ten ornamental fish tanks.

The ceremony was attended by College President Joy M. Sorrosa, Vice President for Administration and Finance Reir Erlinda E. Cutad, Institute of Aquatic and Applied Sciences Dean Rosie Lynn P. Tejada, Project Development Officer III Joenabel A. Ganiera, representatives from the Ecomixed Construction and Development Corporation, and other faculty members and staff.