by Iris Grace P. Sajol, REP web content contributor

Panabo City- The Research Extension and Production Unit of Davao del Norte State College invited faculty members from the College of Applied Economics of the University of Southeastern Philippines to share their knowledge on creating log frames and theory of change for extension activities. The workshop was conducted on April 11, 2024, at the DNSC Audio-Visual Room.

Associate Professor II, Dr. Roperto S. Deluna Jr., underscored the relevance of the process of creating log frames and the theory of change from project identification to project evaluation in acquiring effective and impactful extension projects as an instrument to contribute to the community. He also emphasized the importance of understanding how to fill in the information and what to input in the log frame.

Meanwhile, a breakout session was done in the afternoon, allowing the participants to present their extension projects for necessary improvements.

The participants were faculty members from the Institute of Teacher Education (ITED), the Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Good Governance (ILEGG), the Institute of Aquatics and Applied Sciences (IAAS), the Institute of Computing (IC), and the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAds), as well as participants from other LUCs, such as Kapalong College of Agriculture, Science and Technology and Samal Island City College.

The activity served as an opportunity to learn more from field experts and effectively share findings with communities through publication or extension.