PANABO CITY – The Asia Technological University Network, a strategic international alliance between institutions of higher learning in Asia and is chaired by the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), organized the ATU-Net Student Leader Forum (SeLF) 2022. The theme for this year’s forum was, “Embracing Change and Transformation: Breakthrough Leadership and Communication”.

Davao del Norte State College, a member of the network, sent four student leaders to join the virtual discussions last September 29, 2022. Bernard Anton Joven Julio, Hernan Bucoy, James Hofer III, and Ley Jazzie Alicaway were inspired by the testimonials of global youth leaders and were able to listen in various panel discussions. Bucoy stated that one of his takeaways from the forum is to not settle for comfort and complacency, and that “today is always the right time to advocate for the future.”

Julio mentioned that his takeaway was the value of trying and fear in leadership. “We can never learn if we don’t try, and be scared of important tasks, then do it anyway,” our student fondly recollected.