by Kristine S. Gumanao, IAAS web content contributor

PANABO CITY – Dr. Arthur R. Bos, a faculty of the American University in Cairo, Egypt, and a longtime partner of DNSC on Marine Biology initiatives, was the resource speaker in a forum, facilitated by the Marine Biological Society (MBS), in partnership with the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAdS) and Institute of Aquatic and Applied Sciences (IAAS).

The former consultant to the German Development Service worked in DNSC from 2006 to 2011. During his talk, he highlighted his research experiences in DNSC and the Philippines. One of his noteworthy collaborative works with the College is the publication of the research output; Population Structure of Common Indo-Pacific Sea Stars in Davao Gulf. The output was the first of many publications generated through the partnership.

The student attendees demonstrated interest in the insights shared by the resource speaker, particularly as he drew parallels between the marine ecosystems of the Philippines and his native Netherlands. His comparisons shed light on the rich diversity that makes the region’s waters particularly captivating, especially for researchers. “I developed a deep admiration for these waters because every time I dive among the coral reefs, I discover something new,” he elaborated.

During the open forum, students asked about possible research directions and topics on marine biology. “You should look around the coral reefs to find something,” the speaker responded. He also emphasized the identification of the research problem as a crucial foundation of the scientific method and any research pursuit.

The event ended with closing remarks and the awarding of certificates. It was held at the DNSC Audio-Visual Room on January 25, 2024.