PANABO CITY – The Philippine Health Research Ethics Board, through the recommendation of its Committee on Standards and Accreditation, granted a one-year Level 1 Accreditation to Davao del Norte State College’s Research Ethics Committee (DNSC-REC). The grant has a validity period of March 5, 2024, to March 4, 2025. The ethics board provides a framework for agencies and organizations to ensure the ethical conduct of health research within the country, safeguarding the welfare and rights of research participants, as well as promoting scientific integrity and societal benefit.

The key principles of the accreditation exercise are to maintain respect toward individuals, beneficence, justice, and acknowledgment of cultural diversity. DNSC’s adherence to the guidelines is a testament to its reverence for the public interest by protecting its clients’ trust and confidence.

The DNSC-REC is headed by Ms. Sadie D. Law-ay, alongside its members across research fields, and is under the supervision of the Research, Extension, and Production unit.