DNSC Takes “Roads Less Traveled” in 2016

Davao del Norte State College is a “road less traveled*” itself. It is situated in Panabo, right in the middle of Tagum and Davao City (the first is the capital of Davao del Norte, while the latter is the promise in the Land of Promise). Panabo City Terminal is often used by drivers and long-distance passengers as a stopover, very seldom a destination.

But don’t get this wrong, it doesn’t feel like it’s jealous. It knows that all places amount to something. Davao del Norte State College is a microcosm of Panabo City, one way or another.
Both accept the roles of existing away from the limelight. And this is why places like these surprise many people – of what they can do and what they have already done. (more…)


The Future is still Bright: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Students Compete in the 8th CDAFFE XI

“With Filipino farmers and fishermen among the poorest in the country, and climate change and a growing population threatening food security, government needs to put farmers and fishermen first,” words of Senator Francis Pangilinan, published by Pia Ranada in the business sector of Rappler.com.

Many national leaders have expressed the same sentiment with Senator Pangilinan on the decreasing population of farming and fishing communities. This downward trend is also true for the younger generation’s interest to take fisheries, forestry, and agriculture-related courses. If this continues, it will destabilize three vital sectors for food production. (more…)

DNSC Hailed 2nd Over-all in PASUC XI Culture and the Arts Festival


A valuable tip when one decides to visit Davao del Norte State College: tricycle drivers don’t identify the college as DNSC, instead they call it “Fisheries”. So if someone asks, “Asa ka day?” the better answer would be, “Sa Fisheries, Nong.”

But this local branding of the community to DNSC doesn’t stop students from defying limits. They proved that they are not just good in the laboratories but also possess artistic potentials in the fields of literature, performing, visual, and communication arts. (more…)